Ensuring workplace safety is of paramount importance, and having the right equipment is essential to safeguard the well-being of employees. Within the array of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we find products meticulously crafted to address diverse scenarios.

We offer fall protection devices, such as harnesses with multiple anchoring points, providing security for tasks involving positioning, with an impeccable weight distribution. Perfect for situations requiring proper restraint and retention.

Additionally, we provide respiratory masks with filters; the lightweight design delivers both protection and comfort. Its versatile design allows the connection of various filters, offering users tailored options to meet their specific needs. Ideal for environments with oxygen concentrations exceeding 19.5% by volume.

Our protective helmets, light yet sturdy, not only ensure cranial protection but also excellent ventilation. The innovative construction, featuring an EPS shell and a polycarbonate layer, renders it versatile and ultralight, prioritizing user comfort.

For effective protection against incandescent particles, our welder screens come with an adjustable fastening system to ensure a perfect fit for various facial features.

Lastly, the combined filter is designed to work in tandem with facial masks, providing protection against gases, vapors, and particles. Its innovative design facilitates a favorable airflow, ensuring safe breathing in chemical compound environments.